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  • Free Agency

    Slug got me thinking on this subject . What are your thoughts on the

    demon of Free Agency. I feel like it always gives your team hope to turn

    things around, but at the same time can be the thing that destroys your

    harmonious team... kind of confusing.

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    Is this for all sports, Greg? Or just baseball? Because while free agency has the same name in all sports, it works a little different in each sport. Football and basketball with their salary caps, have made free agency, IMHO, a workable thing. Everyone can step up to the plate and get a decent free agent in the off-season. Baseball, and this I suspect is what you're aiming at, doesn't have a salary cap and only a few teams can afford to "hire" all the good talent. New York(both teams), Boston, maybe the Dodgers and Angels, and even the Cubs have far more money to spend than say Pittsburgh or Kansas City let alone Tampa or Milwaukee.
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      Well baseball has a sort of cap where the high-spending teams must reinburse
      the other teams (or pool) if they go over the cap. I myself like trades alot
      more than free agency. Seems to me that many mediocre players get tons
      of money mostly due to bidding wars, in which the 'richest' teams seem to
      have a large advantage over the smaller markets.


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        The NFL's cap seems to work well as does their free agency. I have no problem there. I don't know about the NBA because I truly don't care if they exist or not.

        Baseball, as pointed out, does have a "Luxury Tax" paid by the big spenders to the small. The system is garbage because there is no mandate for the money recipients to put the money received into either their own players or someone else's free agents. The tax is also not a brake on spending if a team can continue to generate a revenue stream to make paying the "tax" worth it from a profit standpoint.

        The money is to be used for "player development" which can and apparently is taken in a very liberal sense. One of the beefs the public and media has with the Pittsburgh Pirates (yes I'm a Bucco fan) is that they are in fact NOT using those monies to improve the team but to increase the bottom line.

        The team owners say that is not the case. However a payroll that ranks at or near the bottom of the major leagues and a refusal, (legal as it is) to open up their books makes them look like liars. Changes have been promised, but we shall see.
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