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NFL Bye Weeks and College Games

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  • NFL Bye Weeks and College Games

    The current process seems skewed to me. Rather than spread the bye weeks out over half the season, why not cover them in 2 weeks right in the middle? Use weeks 7 and 8 or 8 and 9 and give 16 teams their bye in each.

    It seems to me that the current format is slanted to favoring teams with later byes. The season is fatiguing for the athletes in equal measure, so getting a week off later helps those teams more because of the cumulative effects of fatigue. Reducing the number of bye weeks minimizes that factor.

    Anyone else bothered by colleges playing every night of the week, except Sunday? I won't even start on high school teams playing on TV......

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    The reason for this scheduling is making the NFL season last longer and marketing more college teams. Thought I would never see the day when the Super Bowl would be played in February and a bowl game go past New Years Day.

    To me high school football is played on Friday night, college football is played on Saturday and the NFL is played on Sunday with the exception being Thanksgiving weekend.
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