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Warriors Steph Curry = Class Act

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  • Percy Coburg
    I've shamelessly jumped on the Warriors bandwagon this year. They are so much fun to watch. They should come up with a new scoring rule, 4pts if made beyond the half court mark. That would make thing much more exciting.

    When they played the Phoenix Suns on Feb 10, I flew back to AZ to visit old friends and took the opportunity to watch them play the Suns. The tickets are much cheaper in Phoenix and more plentiful.

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  • Persephone
    started a topic Warriors Steph Curry = Class Act

    Warriors Steph Curry = Class Act

    Steph Curry have brought respectability back to the NBA. He is drawing fans from coast to coast.
    Some are starting to compare him to Michael Jordan. They are both great players but different styles, IMO.

    Even when the Warriors are on the road, he has a big fan following. They come early just to watch him do his pre-game warm-ups.
    I used to follow basketball...back when they wore the 'short' shorts. Then I lost interest for over a decade...until now.