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  • dgfred
    Hey. My daughter played four years of college tennis .

    1- Winning one of those is part of the Grand Slam.

    2- Most men's professionals would slaughter almost all the female players.

    Women's volleyball is one of my favorites to watch .
    How dare you talk bad about it.

    Maybe curling, darts... no physical sports would be even.

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  • Drusus Nero
    started a topic Tennis Questions

    Tennis Questions

    I have legit questions about the modern game..

    1/ The Grand Slam

    The modern media tend to bandy this term about.

    I had thought that a 'Grand Slam' was when you won the US Open, the French Open, The Australian Open, and Wimbeldon, all in one calendar year.

    But journalists tend to describe any victory of the above four tourney's as "A Grand Slam".
    Is this delberate? Is it so difficult to achieve that they lowered the standards, so that any old tennis victor can get a "Grand Slam" simply by winning one of the above four? Sort of reminds me of professional athletes demanding to be let in to the Olympics, simply because money can't buy an Olympic medal.

    2/ Women's Tennis

    Isn't it about time we made the professional women at tournaments like Wimbeldon work for their money? They can win a final in TWO SETS, which i think is ridiculous for women pros that are paid lots of money. Martina Navratilova in particular, with her bloke's physique, could blast opponents out of the court before they got into their stride. The men stay out there for up to five sets or more, but if you paid big bucks to go to a women's final, it can be all over in under 40 minutes. I think we should make the girls play at least an equal minimum number of sets, for a title thats worth lots of dollars, to jstify their professional status.

    A while we are at it, we already have women tennis players, (like the Williams sisters) that can hit the ball just as hard as any man. I'm also calling for a professional tournament where men and women can compete against each other. You would play an opposite sex player, then one your own gender, and so on, until the knockout comp seperated and graded each player by their win/loss record.

    Lets face it, in this modern day and age we SHOULD have at least one professional sport where men and women can compete against eachother, an 'open' tourney if you will, and tennis sounds as good a place as any to start.

    And for god's sake, don't mention Beach Volleyball. Thats not a sport, its an excuse for people to jump around in a bikini/speedo costume, and sweat and flex for the crowd like a Roman Gladiator. Apart from the Olympics, show me even one crowd of people that 'follow' beach volleyball, idolize players, buy souvenirs and get their T-shirts signed. Silly sport.

    Anyhow, if anyone can enlighten me as to the above two questions, that would be dandy!

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