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Why is Ray McDonald playing despite beating up his pregnant girlfriend?

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    Originally posted by Phebe View Post
    I'm watching 49ers and Bears Sunday night 9/14, and am amazed the 49ers are letting Ray McDonald No. 91 play despite his beating up his pregnant girlfriend at a birthday party she held for him, attended by other 49ers. The police were called and McDonald got free on $25,000 bond and has apparently not yet been charged (this was in late August) pending investigation, whatever that means.

    I don't understand how they let him out on bond if he really wasn't charged: I thought they have to charge you or let you go.

    I don't understand why the 49ers are letting this monster play when Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, and Ray Rice have all been deactivated. Does anyone have any ideas?

    I've decided to start rooting for the Bears. Well, anyone but San Francisco.

    It's no secret I am a 49ers fan.... If there is evidence to prove Ray McDonald did hurt his fiance, then I will support disciplining him. I am also a fan of due process. When did we start punishing people based on hearsay? So let's just wait and see before condemning the guy. In the meantime, I don't see any problem with him playing, as long as he has not been charged.

    Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice and Greg Hardy were either convicted or there is overwhelming evidence against them. Until Ray McDonald is charged, I won't be demanding his suspension or deactivation. After the investigation concludes, if it is proven that Ray DID hurt his fiance, then BRING IT ON!

    I don't want this to encourage disgruntled girlfriends or ex-wives to ruin a guy's future over false accusations. I have many girlfriends who would do such a thing.
    Not that this is the case but any female who wants to hurt a guy just have to instigate some sort of altercation either verbal or physical and threaten the athlete with going to the media, before you know it someone's career has been destroyed.
    "Stand for the flag ~ Kneel for the fallen"

    "A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer." ~ Bruce Lee


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      Great post Maggie.


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