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    Originally posted by MetalDog View Post
    Yes, Legate, infield defense is a concern. I am actually quite sceptical about the Yanks chances this year. I didn't like the Ellsbury signing or Beltran for that matter. Not real crazy about McCann either. But it's the Bronx and if we are in contention, great! If not, it will be a spectacular flame out, hence, entertaining to watch. Either way, we all win

    What are your thoughts on Stephen Drew? But the word on sports radio today is that the Yankees are losing interest and may pass on him.
    If they don't pick up an elite 3rd baseman, it's gonna be the dreaded platoon system at 3rd.
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      The two best Yankee teams in my lifetime were the 70's Reggie Jackson, et al, teams and the late 90's win from within with Jeter, Bernie Williams, Rivera, Pettite. The Reggie teams had pitching and power. The Jeter teams won by not relying on the long ball. Of the two, I like the small ball approach. Which is why last years start got me all excited. A bunch of no names scrapping out wins. Unfortunately, it didn't last, but, that's ok. I know each year that the Yanks will do their best to field a competitive team.

      As for Stephen Drew, I hadn't heard they were interested, but, if he can play defense, and is willing to play third, then I am all for it. Former Red Sox seem to come alive in Yankee pinstripes.
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        Its still early I suppose, but it looks like I have some crow to eat here. That dude is awesome.


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          So far he's the only Yankee achieving above expectation. The rest of the team is either hurt, old, or generally under-performing.
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            Originally posted by slick_miester View Post

            As I recalled the Yankees took a bath on another Japanese pitcher a few years ago. I'd have thought that once bitten, twice shy -- but that's me.

            Wasn't Brian Cashman supposed to stock up the farm with all kinds of talent? Where is it?
            When are the Yankees calling up Steve Dalkowski, Slick?
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