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MLB Expands Replay......but

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  • MLB Expands Replay......but

    Some good ideas have been enacted here, and handling the reviews in a central location ala the NHL will minimize delays.

    I wish they would do something about all the unnecessary delays to the game. My primary beef is with batters adjusting all their gear after every pitch.

    You got your helmet and gloves completely out of whack with a couple of half-hearted practice swings and a wiggle? Really? Maybe you should get gear that fit in the first place instead of with it after every pitch.

    Speaking of pitchers, use the clock rule to get them to throw the ball within the time limits the rules specify.

    Oh, and you umps, read up on the strike zone and call it. Getting batters to swing instead of stand might also improve the pace of play!

    At least they don't hold group conferences before and after every half inning like they do in softball in addition to adjusting all their gear AND taking a quick stroll half way to third after every pitch.

    On the bright side, only about a month until camp opens!

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    Here are the expanded rules...I love how they described the video room.

    • Each manager may challenge one call per game, and if a call is overruled, he may challenge a second. But that’s the limit. From the seventh inning on, umpires may initiate a review of their own, if a team has used its allotment of challenges.

    • Decisions will be handed down by an umpire monitoring the game from MLB’s new video command center in New York, a dark, windowless room full of high-tech monitors (MLB won’t reveal its cost) that looks like a NORAD bunker for directing U.S. air defense. On-field umpires will rotate through the season to replay judges, with every camera angle available to him for multiple slow-motion viewing, if necessary. The umpire will communicate his decision — video confirmed the call was correct, proved conclusively that it was wrong, or was inconclusive, so the call stands — to the crew chief via a headset near home plate, a process that baseball hopes takes only 60 to 90 seconds.

    • Managers must let the umpire know in a timely manner that he is challenging a call, as quickly as 30 seconds after the play if it’s inning-ending.
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      The new expanded instant replay didn't help the Giants last night. The umpire could have called for the instant replay but he didn't.


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