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High School Football Coach Cancels Season

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  • High School Football Coach Cancels Season

    Its good to see a football coach who knows that there is more to life than winning.
    “When you're in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun'.”
    ― Groucho Marx

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    At first I thought that was Roosevelt, LI, NY. Shutting down the football wouldn't help them: nuking the town would.
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      He didn't disband the team, he basically forced them to 're-apply' and got new team captains, spurred on by a loss on the field.

      Seen that done a lot around here.
      Any man can hold his place when the bands play and women throw flowers; it is when the enemy presses close and metal shears through the ranks that one can acertain which are soldiers, and which are not.


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