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What if the Farmer's Almanac is right?

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  • What if the Farmer's Almanac is right?

    According to the well-known weather prognosticators at the Farmer's Almanac the upcoming Super Bowl, which is to be played outdoors in New York, could be played in less than perfect weather conditions. Mike and Mike on ESPN is having an interesting exchanging of opinions on whether a Super Bowl in less than perfect conditions will be good for the game. What's your take?
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    Football is an out door sport. Next question please.
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      I buy the Almanac every year.... great source of information.
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        The money they get paid, they better take the field in anything short of a tornado.
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          Originally posted by Arnold J Rimmer View Post
          The money they get paid, they better take the field in anything short of a tornado.
          Agreed. No excuses. Earn that money for once.
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            Considering that the majority of the recent games have been indoors, giving teams built for and playing in that environment a potential marked advntage, I am looking forward to the shoe being on the other foot!

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              I've always thought that the Super Bowl was held in warm weather states or domes because of fan comfort. I dont think the players (most of them anyway) would have a problem with playing in wintry conditions.
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