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  • Originally posted by Shoeless View Post

    Season kicks off on August 30 against some cupcake team from Alabama.
    Yeah, but they make up for it by facing the mighty Towson Tigers the next week.

    I haven't looked to see who Pitt's tomato cans are this year, but remain revolted by D-I teams playing out of division for cheap wins.

    Pure BS, though the chump schools love the big money. Appalachian State pulled off a miracle against Michigan, but if anyone wants to bet on the next one I will be happy to take your money.

    I am far more interested in the NFL and the draft, as well as the Stanley Cup playoffs. I've gotten into following smaller schools, like my alma mater, THE ROCK and locals like Shepherd than the big boys. Not nearly as much hypocrisy in any of those.

    That said, I still hope my home team and adopted home team have excellent seasons.

    If stupid was a criminal offense Sea Lion believers would be doing life.

    Shouting out to Half Pint for bringing back the big mugs!


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