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    This transgender (now female) MMA fighter recently came out as having once been male. Currently 37 years old she underwent gender reassignment (where does that term come from?) 7 years ago and after started training as a fighter. The fights she has had so far have all ended in the first round...wins. She only recently came out as having once been a man.
    would you cry foul if she had beaten you? Would you, as a manager/trainer or fighter, go up against this fighter? Should she have come out sooner?
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    She is a very controversial subject in the MMA community. I have no problem with her transgender status but I have to wonder if her male built muscles give her an advantage over her female counterparts.
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      "She" has unfair advantage. Her bone structure is still a man's.

      And creepy is it I cut off your penis to fight girls for a living?

      Matt the Meat should not have been fined for his comments.
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