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Death in NFL, a sad day...

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  • Death in NFL, a sad day...

    My favorite team since I was 2....
    The PHI Eagles, today in training camp Andy Reid oldest son died in his room.

    He worked for the Eagles and has had drug problems, he got thrown in jial in '07 for drugs. Then he got a job with the Eagles and has been very nice for the players and workers. I love Andy Reid and to see this breaks my heart, concluding every year I go to training camp, I see him a lot...


    You are in a better place now.

    to Eagles!

    to the Reids!

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    If I recall my youngest online son,the Reid boy had some issues, but we mourn him and we grieve with the Reid Family. I only know what is like to lose a baby. I've lost a sister,but not a son.

    Also in Pennsylvania,some were injured and one killed, sadly,at the Pocono Nascar Race. They were warned twice about the lightning and the storm. God Bless them all.
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      Yes he had very bad drug problems RIP


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        It is a very sad day when any parent has to bury their child - young or old. I hope and pray the family can have the strength to carry on with the happy memories they had with their son.
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