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Champions League: What an end to a game!

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  • Champions League: What an end to a game!

    At full time, it's 3-3, but City will go out due to the away goals rule unless they can score in added time.

    There are 5 minutes of added time.

    With one minute of added time to go, City are awarded a corner and Joe Hart, the City goalkeeper, runs the length of the pitch and positions himself on the edge of the penalty area.

    With seconds left, the corner goes in, it's cleared, lobbed in again towards Hart.

    And then.............

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    Not a good day for the city of Manchester.
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      Surprising how many times that actually works -

      2-3 away in Lisabon should always qualify - What happened the first game??

      EDIT/ ah yes it was at home - I see now - sorry confused
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