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NCAA Basketball Brackets (Let The Madness Began

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  • Checkertail20
    This is the worse I have ever done on NCAA brackets. Only 6 of the 16 teams I picked to make the Sweet Sixteen made it. To make matters worse the team (North Carolina) I picked to win the whole thing now has a starting point guard with a broken wrist. Very similar to what happened to Kenny Smith in 1984.

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  • Checkertail20
    After the first round I got 20 of 32 picks correct. All my Final Four teams are still in it and 6 of 8 of my Elite 8 teams are still in it.

    For the first time ever two #15 seeds won on the same day. Missouri and Duke are going to have a long trip home. I thought Missouri had a legitimate chance to get to the Final Four but watching Duke this season I thought they were overrated.

    I bet that Notre Dame player that commited that lane violation is kicking himself right now. Never been a Notre Dame fan but I hate to see a team lose in a fashion where someone ends up being a "goat" like a Fred Brown or Chris Webber.

    I have a gut feeling that a #1 seed will go down in the second round.

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  • Checkertail20
    I have North Carolina, Florida State, Kentucky and Louisville with North Carolina beating Kentucky in the NCAA Final.

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  • IronMan15
    My Final Four- Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio St., North Carolina with Kentucky beating NC in the Championship.

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  • rebpreacher
    You play you pay.

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  • Checkertail20
    Syracuse's Fab Melo ineligible for tournament.

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  • rebpreacher
    I can't stay up for the late games. I have to work early. Dang it.

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  • Pruitt
    I wonder why they are asking some conference champions to play-in, but adding the also-rans of the "Big" conferences? Once you dip past three representatives in a conference, the also-rans should be the ones to play in.


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  • Checkertail20
    South Region

    (1) Kentucky
    (16) Miss Val St. / WKU

    (8) Iowa State

    (5)Wichita State
    (12) VCU

    (4) Indiana
    (13) New Mexico St.

    (6) UNLV
    (11) Colorado

    (3) Baylor
    14 S. Dakota St.

    (7) Notre Dame
    (10) Xavier

    (2) Duke
    (15) Lehigh

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  • Checkertail20
    Midwest Region

    (1) North Carolina
    (16) Lamar/Vermont

    (8) Creighton
    (9) Alabama

    (5) Temple
    (12) California/South Florida

    (4) Michigan
    (13) Ohio

    (6) San Diego State
    (11) North Carolina State

    (3) Georgetown
    (14) Belmont

    (7) Saint Mary's
    (10) Purdue

    (2) Kansas
    (15) Detroit

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  • Checkertail20
    East Region

    (1) Syracuse
    (16) North Carolina - Asheville

    (8) Kansas State
    (9) Southern Mississippi

    (5) Vanderbilt
    (12) Harvard

    (4) Wisconsin
    (13) Montana

    (6) Cincinnati
    (11) Texas

    (3) Florida State
    (14) Saint Bonaventure

    (7) Gonzaga
    (10) West Virginia

    (2) Ohio State
    (15) Loyola (Maryland)

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  • NCAA Basketball Brackets (Let The Madness Began

    West Region

    (1) Michigan State
    (16) Long Island-Brooklyn

    (8) Memphis
    (9) Saint Louis

    (5) New Mexico
    (12) Long Beach State

    (4) Louisville
    (13) Davidson

    (6) Murray State
    (11) Colorado State

    (3) Marquette
    (14) Brigham Young/Iona

    (7) Florida
    (10) Virginia

    (2) Missouri
    (15) Norfolk State

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