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Papelbon throws a brush back at the Red Sox Nation.

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  • Papelbon throws a brush back at the Red Sox Nation.

    Jonathan Papelbon, now that he's a member of the Phillies, seems to forget the esteem he enjoyed from the Boston fans in years past. In an interview yesterday he called them "hysterical" and not in a funny way. He intimated that the Boston Red Sox fans were more rabid than knowledgable about the game and that the Phillies fans knew more because they were in the National League. Wait til he starts screwing up in Philadelphia, I'm sure that he'll find that the fans there are not as forgiving as they are in "hysterical" Boston. I mean, here's a city (Philadelphia) that has a branch of the county courthouse underneath the stands of the football stadium to deal with all the rowdies that are fans of that particular team.
    I think Papelbon's just mad that the Phillies won't give him his own song from the Philadelphia version of the Dropkick Murphys.
    If he ever pitches again at Fenway, I don't think he'll get to hear it over the all the booing.

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    Well, as a Cardinal fan, I gotta say we look on both the Phillies and Red Sox fans as being more hysterically devoted than they are well-versed in the intricacies of the game. That in addition to the bad manners exhibited by both, whether at home or as visiting fans.

    Of course, we in St. Louis can afford to be a bit smug. The eleven World Championship banners that flutter above our stadium give us license for that.


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      yes, we American League fans don't have the "intellectual necessities" to understand the "double switch"


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        ^ Rimshot
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          Sounds like he is just kissing up to Phillies fans.
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