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Paid thuggery or just part of the game?

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  • Paid thuggery or just part of the game?

    On March 2, the National Football League (NFL) issued a statement detailing the findings of a lengthy investigation into a “bounty” program operated by an assistant coach and between 22 and 27 defensive players on the New Orleans Saints during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons. The Saints won the Super Bowl in February 2010.
    Under the program, payments—out of a pool to which the defensive players in question contributed—were made to Saints players who injured opponents. Players received $1,000 for “cart-offs” (an opponent carried off the field) and $1,500 for a “knock-out” (an opposing player unable to return to the game).
    In important games, the promised rewards were apparently increased. Defensive captain Jonathan Vilma reportedly offered $10,000 to any fellow player who could knock Minnesota Vikings quarterback Bret Favre out of the National Football Conference championship game in January 2010.
    According to the NFL, the bounty program was administered by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, now a coach with the St. Louis Rams, “with the knowledge of other defensive coaches.” The statement noted that “Funds were contributed on occasion by Williams.” Former Washington Redskins players allege that Williams oversaw the same type of program from 2004 to 2007 when he was defensive coordinator with that team.
    The league, which generated some $11 billion in revenue this year, has considerable financial interests at stake. A public outcry over official indifference to injuries would hurt its marketing appeal with many parents, and might even prompt ambitious politicians and prosecutors to intervene.
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    It is not a part of the game when they are being paid extra to do it. In my opinion the defensive coach that did it should be thrown out of the sport and bared from ever getting into the hall of fame. That should go for any other coaches and players that knew about or took part in it.
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      The only thing new about this is that the players were getting paid to do it. Deliberate violence is a part of the game and always has been. After all, the players need an outlet for all that steroid rage.
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        ...and then there's this thread in the Barracks section about all the ex-NFL players complaining about all their injuries. Ya think there might be a link?


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          Originally posted by johns624 View Post
          ...and then there's this thread in the Barracks section about all the ex-NFL players complaining about all their injuries. Ya think there might be a link?

          Probably hoping for government disabilities under Obamacare...
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            The NFL has always been a mild bloodsport. We pay to see big hits, we enjoy it, but we put up a facade of sportsmanship when it's really willful ignorance. These guys were sloppy enough to get caught, so there will be an example made, but I find it hard to believe much will change. Professional sports are results-driven. I absolutely disagree that any indifference on the part of the NFL would generate much if any outrage or result in damage to its "marketing appeal with many parents".
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              There is no room for that in any sport. What gets me is the defensive players like James Harrison talk about making the NFL tougher by allowing shots to the head and other cheap shots. Its easy to be tough when you are allowed to get any cheap shot you want on defensless player yet these same so called tough guys cry for holding penalties anytime an offensive player touches them.
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                If I recall,Glanville had one too,and especially against the Cowboys.
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                  Yup, paid thuggery. These guys know what they're capable of doing. And, as MM remarked, they have a paid outlet for their steroid induced hormonal rage. Then they go and complain that when they retire and are addle-brained, crippled or worse that they have no recourse to affordable health care that the league should have provided. Did they think that the millions that they make came with directions on how to use all that $$$ to provide for oneself in the future? The NFL/AFL is a multi-billion dollar business based on the wrongful assumption that the industry polices itself and insists on the finest and most upstanding practices and prides itself on its upright, honest, clean and sober players.
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