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Anybody think the Detroit Lions are going

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  • Anybody think the Detroit Lions are going

    to be a handful next year?

    they have been bad my whole life
    but they don't look bad anymore

    it looks like if they can get a running back to take some of the weight off of throwing all the time and get some help in the defensive secondary they are going to be really good..
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    I hope so. That town could use some good news. I've been a fan of Stafford's since last year when he came back into the game with only one good arm. They get their running game back, tighten up their defensive backfield and with this year's play-off experience, they could be a real threat.
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      I hope so. I've been a semi-fan since the 50's or 60's. Any team that has been down so long deserves to come up sometime, except the Brown's (that's just for Bob).

      Wasn't that long ago that the Saints were one of the jokes of the NFL. Nobody's laughing at them any more. Up into the late 60's the Steelrs we're happy with a winning season. Not any more.
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        Agreed on all counts. If Detroit gets a Barry Sandersesque running back and another decent defensive pass rusher in the NFL Draft, they could really be dangerous next year.
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          I was pleasantly surprised by Detroit this's hoping next year's even better for them.

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