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Can Packers go 19-0?

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  • Can Packers go 19-0?

    Whew...what a game it was yesterday! A great game! New York Gaints gave their best effort in trying to beat the only remaining unbeaten team, but ultimately failed. Rodgers did it in a New York minute, guiding the team to within the field goal range with just 3 seconds to go in 4th quarter.

    Packers is now 12-0. I don't know whether to be happy with that or be afraid that Packers might go down as the next Patriots, going 18-0, then losing the Super Bowl. But I'm thinking Packers will have to face New Orleans Saints in NFL championship game, can Packers survive Saints? I don't know. Saints have a huge edge over them in the running game.

    Nonetheless, I think Packers are capable of going 19-0, what do you say to this?

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    I have mixed feelings. As a born and bred Wisconsinite, there is a strong camp that says they can finish the regular season undefeated. I tend to agree with view as their last four opponents each have some major issues (no QB, no running game, defensive issues), but the real test comes in the postseason obviously. Home field advantage will be nice, but it is not that magical potion it once was since Atlanta beat us a few years back. I feel the Saints offense could do a number on our defense - forcing our offense to play a game of 'one up' with the Saints.

    That is always the fine line with an unbeaten team (Is it better to lose to come back down to earth and regain focus OR is everybody all in and the attention to detail and work ethic is there to sustain the mission?). Personally, each week is getting tougher than the week before and there is a reason it has been about 40 years since the last undefeated team survived an entire season. If I had money on the line, I would say no - they will not go 19-0.
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      I agree wholly with you. Like you, I was born and raised up in Wisconsin, the land of BEST cheese there is in the world, but can Packers truly go 19-0? I think not, but it's now a distinct possibility that it will happen. I just hope Packers can stay focused on one game at a time.

      Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

      "Aim small, miss small."


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        I used to wait until everybody was good and hammered at the bar before asking my favorite football trivia question. It was good for a great deal of argument and wagers before somebody finally stopped and thought about it. (The set up usually involved talking about various World Series.)

        "Which Superbowl Champion had a perfect post-season?"
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          I think they can, but the NFL is more than any other sport, an injury driven league. A lot, and I mean a whooooooole lot rides on that.

          I am a little tired of the smugness of the old Dolphins when another team loses though. As long as it doesn't involve them having to beat the Steelers to do it I am for them.

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            I've got faith in them...although I just hope they don't face Houston or New England in the Super Bowl; I'll be torn as to who to root for!

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              of course they can go 19-0.
              it just isn't highly probable.

              what were the Patriots in 2003 ?
              I think they had something like 21 straight wins if you counted their previous year right up until they won the Super Bowl

              but law of averages is against the Pack.
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