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  • Thread not replied by Mods.

    This post here was not answered by the mods, the thread merely being closed. The thread was important because we need clearer guidelines on what we can post, especially in Current Affairs. This is more true now than ever. We need to know the balance given between the 1st amendment and libel laws, allowed at ACG.

    If it helps, you have my full permission to reprint the post that got me banned for a month as an example of what not to post.

    How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic:
    Global Warming & Climate Change Myths:

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    Politic Central as a forum that was officially closed with the clear and acknowledged intention of it being remained closed.

    Somehow, in the transition to the new format, a glitch apparently allows access again.

    It is clear to all, that this section is to remain silent. Please allow it to be so.

    Also, as per long standing rules, no public comments, discussion, or challenge of ACG Staff actions are allowed.

    Thread closed.

    Please do not post any further threads in this section.

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