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  • Fruitarians

    Below is a link to an article in Deutsche Welle that I found amusing. I have excerpted the part I found most amusing. I have never before heard of Fruitarianism.

    It's Impossible Not to Kill'

    Duve hasn't decided yet how she wants to proceed in the future. She does know that she won't go back to the way she was living before she began her experiment. She still faces two months of fruitarianism, the most unpopular dietary regimen, because it's the most restrictive. Fruitarians only eat what falls naturally from a plant, things like ripe apples, nuts and seeds. They are widely viewed as cranks. Nevertheless, their arguments are beginning to carry weight. Some scientists now believe that it is possible that plants might feel pain.

    "It's very distressing to grapple with these questions," says Duve. "It's because it's impossible not to kill. All we can do is decide how much we destroy and under what conditions."

    It's an inescapable dilemma for anyone who wants to continue to exist in the cycle of growth and decay.,00.html

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    I found that "Spiegel Online" has many interesting articles since a year.
    I even took a free electronic subscription.

    You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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      Each to their own.


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