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What Pleases or Displeases You in a Restaurant?

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  • What Pleases or Displeases You in a Restaurant?

    What are some things that tend to please or displease you in a restaurant?

    Some things that please me is when I'm recognized as having been in before, in having the water glasses frequently filled, and having the waiter/waitress check if everything is OK right after the food is served, after you have had a chance to check.

    Some things that displease me are servers who present a memorized spiel (I know that's what they have been told to do) and when food is going to be a while and they don't tell you.

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    Hello Lake.
    How are you?
    Interesting topic for a thread.

    What displeases me in a restaurant?
    • not enough napkins.
    • being cheap with the salad dressing.
    • toilets with no seats.
    • left over salsa that's reused.

    What pleases me in a restaurant?
    • When the order you receive, looks like the photo on the menu.
    • large portions.
    • ?
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      There is a fine line between good service and being overbearing. There is a certain amount of intimacy between the diners at the same table and a waiter constantly hovering over you is invasive to romantic or quiet conversation, as well as deflecting attention away from your dining companion. The server should be attentive, being on the alert and react should you glance over, instead of barging in to top your glass each time you sip your wine or water. Prompt and equal service in the proper order is important. How many times have you seen a waiter fawn over the next table while you long for even half the attention? How many times have you seen their food come out first even though you ordered yours well before they did? You should not have to wait for an eternity for your appetizer only to have your entree show up thirty seconds later. I've had occasions where the courses come out of order, or when one person's order simply won't show up as the dining companions stare at their own food watching it get cold. Then if one person is a fast eater, his plate is taken away quickly, putting pressure on the one that still is working on his plate. Don't offer desserts that take a long time to make unless it is already prepared. If they offer coffee, they should at least get that served before giving you the bill, otherwise it implies eagerness to collect and get you the hell out of there.

      A clean restroom is a must. If they can't keep the restroom clean, what does that say about their kitchen?

      Sometimes, a gratuity charge of 15% on the bill is an insult. First, the automatic assumption that their service was worth 15% is sheer arrogance. It is not required by law and not posted on menus usually. It is an insult to the diner to imply that he might not tip otherwise or is too stupid to do the math. I have often tipped very generously well over the traditional 15%, but if they put that on the bill, they shall never get a nickel more even if I had intended to give much more.

      Doggy-bags. If I overestimated my appetite and have way too much food, why make me feel cheap by not offering to wrap it up rather than just taking it away even if it appear to almost untouched? Common sense........DUDE, that is a 32oz porterhouse that I did not even stick my fork into!
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        Going out to dine is one of lives pleasures for me. I'm very critical about what displeases me and give my praise when it is earned.

        Don't likes

        #1 Entering a restaurant that isn't even half full and have to wait for the Hostess to be seated.

        I can find a table I like with out her.

        #2 Over friendly waiter/waitress.

        In one chain restaurant it was "I guys my name is _______, bla,bla,bla.

        First I'm not a guy. Mr or Sir or none of the above. Just a friendly good evening etc is just fine. I don't need or even want to know your name and after you have served me/us I don't need to see you again. If I want something else I'll ask you and hope I can get your attention without starting a fire.

        Assuming that the waiter/waitress has not taken all day to get to you, I hate the endless run down of what type of Wish Bone Salad Dressings they have. Offer two or three but then something that they make themselves. I can have Wish Bone at home if I like.

        Food that is just barely warm when served or when orders don't come at the same time or forgotten.

        Lack of a vegetable side dish (typical in Germany)

        Ice cold beer.

        Bus Boys, male or female pushing this thing full of dirty dishes around in front of your nose. Let the waiter/waitress remove the used dishes and flatware.

        Lights dimmed so low that your not sure whats on your plate.

        Loud people at the next table, plus Cellphones.

        Ungroom personnel. Less than clean through out. Fries hiding under the table/booth? NOno.

        Toilets have been mentioned. They can't be clean enough.

        Over priced of course.

        Waiting lines to pay as you leave. Again, if the waiter expects to get a tip then they can provide service other than telling me his/her name.
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          Service, Cleanliness, Product, Quality & Value!

          Nuff said...

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            I think American restaurants have insane portion sizes compared to what I've seen growing up in Europe. There are meals packed with thousands of calories promoting the culture of pigging out and putting on weight. We know they need to err on the side of generosity to have satisfied clients but it goes way beyond that-it's insanity.

            If you've ever been a patient in a hospital and seen how modest the hospital dinners look with a tiny slice of beef, a couple of mashed potatoes and a handful of peas-well, that's considered the correct serving size. The health care business has trained dietitians on consult whereas restaurants hire people who seem ignorant of healthy eating which is disturbing.

            The good news is that the restaurants have an infinite supply of boxes if you want to take a half of your meal home.
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              Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
              #1 Entering a restaurant that isn't even half full and have to wait for the Hostess to be seated.

              That really grinds my gears.Basically,they are setting the tone for the whole meal.


              Waiters/waitresses that rush you through your meal.

              Cooks that think that well done means shoe leather/ hockey puck.

              Like HP said,having to start a fire to get the attention of the waiter/waitress.

              A NY Strip that's less than 16oz.
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                My dislikes.

                waiting 45 mins for youre meale and when youre meal eventrally comes it taste like sh/t,and evene worst being late for youre movie!

                dirty seats when you are taken to yore seats,why cant they juste give a quick over brusche over the seats while cleaning the table top!


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                  Displeases me...
                  Waiters or waitresses who try to pick up my beer mug or wine glass when it is obviously not empty.

                  Waiters or waitresses who don't ask if I would like another mug of beer or glass of wine when it is obviously empty.

                  Waiters or waitresses who wait till I have just put a forkful of food in my mouth to ask, "How is the meal?" Or, "Can I get you a drink refill?"

                  Waiters or waitresses who have bits of metal in their faces, multi-colored hair or funny looking tatoos.

                  Pleases me...
                  Waiters or waitresses who remember us and act like they want us to come back.
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                    Dislikes: Dirty silverware..
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                      Likes: Great food
                      Dislikes: The complete opposite of great food
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                        Originally posted by johnbryan View Post
                        Dislikes: Dirty silverware..

                        The Dirty Fork Sketch:

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                          About waiting to be seated by the host or hostess................

                          I have waited an eternity to be seated when there were plenty of open tables. Or when a party of the same number arrived after you, got their name placed on the waiting list after you, and yet somehow get seated earlier. I complained one time and was blatantly lied in my face about that group having had a reservation, even though when I had called for a reservation earlier that day I was told they took no reservations, and I clearly saw the hostess check in book! I would have appreciated a better lie, like maybe "I'm terribly sorry, that was the owner's relatives, and I really need this job...".
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                            Tables with real linen tablecloths and napkins.

                            Tables without some picture sitting in the middle showing thier New Mountain Whopper.
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                              likes: good, tasty food at the correct temperature and portion size.
                              Attentive waitstaff, not TOO friendly or overbearing.
                              Spotlessly clean dinnerware, linens and environment.
                              Reasonable prices.

                              Dislikes: the opposite of the above, plus - people talking on cellphones (restaurants should have a no cell phone policy)
                              crying/misbehaving children (if your kid can't take eating among adults then don't subject the rest of us to them. We don't care if you think they're "cute", "just cranky", "a little tired" or "darling". Some of us don't procreate on purpose...
                              Table hopping
                              Any other behavior of which I don't approve.
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