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  • Spy Coke?

    The US Military is targeting our beloved Coke! What blasphemy!

    Military Pans Some Coke Cans

    There's a new security threat at some of the nation's military bases and it looks uncannily like a can of Coke.

    Specially rigged Coke cans, part of a summer promotion, contain cell phones and global positioning chips. That has officials at some installations worried the cans could be used to eavesdrop, and they are instituting protective measures.

    Coca-Cola Co. says such concerns are nothing but fizz.

    Mart Martin, a Coca-Cola spokesman, said no one would mistake one of the winning cans from the company's "Unexpected Summer" promotion for a regular Coke.

    "The can is dramatically different looking," he said. The cans have a recessed panel on the outside and a big red button. "It's very clear that there's a cell phone device."

    "It cannot be an eavesdropping device," he said.

    Although it vaguely looks like a soda can, CBS News Technologist "Digital" Dan Dubno says, "It's impossible to conceive that anyone in their right mind would confuse this hard-shell plastic-cased device with a normal soda container."

    Winners activate it by pushing the button, which can only call Coke's prize center, he said. Data from the GPS device can only be received by Coke's prize center. Prizes include cash, a home entertainment center and an SUV.

    Nonetheless, military bases, including the U.S. Army Armor Center at Fort Knox, Ky., are asking soldiers to examine their Coke cans before bringing them in to classified meetings.

    Full story
    I hate it when I see one of those road signs that says "Draw Bridge Ahead" and I don't have a pencil.
    -Lou Chiafullo

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