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    Originally posted by johnbryan View Post
    I once brewed a batch of beer with all of the leftovers in my brewing pantry, half a can of malt syrup here, a half bag of crystal malt there. When it was done, it was a pleasing tasting pour, but nothing to brag about. I gave my Dad a six pack of it in "swing top bottles" and he put it into his root cellar. Three years later, while I was helping him move, I discovered that same six pack of home brewed beer in the root cellar. I popped the cap on the first bottle, poured it into a glass and tasted it. I swear by all that is pure and holy that the three year old beer tasted exactly like Watney's Red Barrel beer. I can tell you that we made quick work of that six pack.
    I'd definately agree that unpasteurized home brew that has active yeast has the potential for a much longer shelf life (assuming its at a controlled tempurature and kept away from light) and can take quite a while to "mature".
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