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  • Would you eat or not?

    So, I decided to show my face here in the mess hall

    Sure smells good here...

    What's (over) cooking?

    Anyway, while you guys and girls are eating I was wondering:

    Say you were invited to go and chow down at your new in-laws or at an important business relation...
    Although it smells good, you are sorely dissapointed when you see the dish that is presented to you. It's the food you hate the most in the world !!!

    Now you sit in front of a dilemma:

    Will you eat the served dish anyway and try to gulp it down just out of politeness?

    Will you be honest and openly confess that you are nauseated at the dish presented to you?

    Or will you find some kind of excuse for not eating it?

    I wonder who here in the ACG mess hall are the disciplined, the honest or...the liars !!!

    Yes, I'm polite...
    No, honesty is the best policy...
    No, I have an allergy that prohibits me to eat it...
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    None of the foods I truely dislike smell good to me and I can detect most from sufficient distance to avoid surprises.

    However I learned in long ago you can eat anything chopped up small enough bits and washed down with enough cold beer.
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      I hate a lot of foods, but I wouuld never tell that to someone that worked hard to cook a meal for me. I'd eat it with a smile and a 'thank you'.

      Now days, though, we ask folks for allergens and dislikes so we can plan accordingly...
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        I wouldn't eat it. There are very few things that I won't eat and my in-laws/family/friends know what they are. If I was served them it would be for a malicious reason, and I would have no problem telling them where to stck it .
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          By using fermented fish carefully, you will be able to isolated those who are true friends.
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            Unless it presents a health risk, I'd give it my best shot.

            I ended up liking chicken long rice (with the chicken's foot), cow tongue, pig's feet, and sea urchin all for my in laws.

            Now, I've been overseas and declined some absolutely filthy, nasty crap that probably had some bad bugs. I did it nicely and made something up, but I weaseled out gracefully.


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              Yeah, I take the weaseled out approach too, but probably not as gracefully .


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                Originally posted by GCoyote View Post
                None of the foods I truely dislike smell good to me and I can detect most from sufficient distance to avoid surprises.

                However I learned in long ago you can eat anything chopped up small enough bits and washed down with enough cold beer.
                I'll eat just about anything...except bait (sushi). I'd probably even eat bait if it was an important business function involving our Japanese partners...If...and only if...There was an ample supply of cold Kirin Ichiban.

                I answered "Yes" in the poll...But it's not out of politeness.
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                  I'd be polite and eat a small serving of the meal.


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                    If it's considered food, it's probably safe to eat if your host had prepared it for their own consumption as well. You don't have to like it but you have to eat it.
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                      Although I would be tempted to answer with the polite option, I can't. When I think about Tripas (pig intestins) I can't even imagine me trying to eat it. No matter how small I chopped it.
                      I've made nice apologies befor, this days, I just speak my mind.
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                        I don't want to hurt their feelings and I don't want to eat it either. Soooo I would lie through my teeth and say I have an allergy
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                          I actually do have food allergies that prevent me from eating a lot of different foods. I have no problem declining on these grounds, but have gotten quite good at doing so without making a fuss or insulting the host!

                          That being stated, I don't miss many meals.
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                            I will eat almost anything, even things that are out of date. However, on the rare instance that something disgusts me - there's no way Jose! I don't think its ever happened though!


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                              If it was mussles I'd have to make some bs excuse about being allergic. I can't even imagine putting one of those salty boogery snots in my mouth never mind chewing


                              I mean, just look at them


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