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How To Open Every Shellfish

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  • How To Open Every Shellfish

    This video will show you how to get into every possible shellfish out there.

    I recently found out I had no idea how to get into a sea urchin.

    “Someone who doesn’t know is less stupid than someone who wrongly think he knows."

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    BTW, sea urchin taste horrible!
    “Someone who doesn’t know is less stupid than someone who wrongly think he knows."


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      Originally posted by Nikki View Post
      BTW, sea urchin taste horrible!
      It is an acquired taste that many won't develop because their first experience was not with sashimi grade urchin prepared by a certified chef. Almost all sushi and sashimi chefs in in typical Japanese restaurants in America would not be qualified to work in a restaurant in Japan.

      Japanese chefs will not serve something that is not at the peak of season, freshness, and quality. That passion does not translate entirely because most of the ones here have not have had that level of training and the discipline inspired by tradition.
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        I use a fork to devein the shrimp, and judging from the video it's much less work that way. Or maybe he's just not very used to dealing with shrimp/prawns.
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          That guy has no idea of how to get into a steamed lobster. First of all, you don't need to 'humanely' kill the lobster before you boil it. All that needs be done is to plunge the bug headfirst into the boiling H2O and there will be no kicking or screaming or pleading.
          I once brought me sainted mum a big lobster for dinner and she put it into the pot with cold water and turned the heat on. Maybe she wanted to let it think it was on vacation...or something...I don't know, but as soon as the water started to get hot the damn thing tried to escape. When it was finally over, the resulting lobster meat was pretty tough due to all the stress she had put it through.
          So, to recap....get the water boiling hard, put the lobster head first into it and it won't feel a thing. If it distresses you to the point where you have to consult PETA in order to hold a clambake then maybe seafood isn't for you. Just sayin'...
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