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  • Yum or Yuk?

    Crispy crickets are now on sale over here. Now whilst logic tells me they should be no different from say prawns and even though I have in general been an adventurous eater in my travels, reason notwithstanding I don't think I could bring myself to try them. I know we are being told that insects are the protein source of the future and locusts are mentioned as a delicacy in the Bible but no - definitely a yuk for me. Am I being over fastidious? Any views - anyone out there already scoffing bugs - Australians perhaps?
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    I went to SOWELA Technical School in 1981 and 82 to earn an Industrial Electricity degree. One Spring there was an infestation of little Crickets in our building. I was sitting next to a guy that hailed from Illinois. In spite of being Pentecostal he used to tell people he did not remember his Senior year in High School! He was on Pot. During the Cricket Swarm he reached down, grabbed one and loudly asked how much we would pay him to eat a Cricket? I immediately circulated the class asking for donations! I was smart enough to not show him what I was holding in my hands. When he kept asking how much I had, I would only jingle the coins in my hands! Finally he popped the cricket into his mouth and proceeded to chew noisily. He was having such a good time he showed us what was in his mouth several times. Finally he swallowed and I gave him his prize, all 57 cents! He started to wail about how we had tricked him! One of the Black Students came and offered him ten dollars if he would eat another cricket in front of his friends in the Lunch Room!

    The guy had been watching an arm wrestling program on TV and the guys there kept grabbing handfuls of crickets and throwing them in their mouth.

    I don't eat varmints. The only time I have done so was when I was drinking out of an outside faucet and accidentally swallowed a bug. After that I ran the water a bit to clear any bugs or tiny frogs out... In Louisiana the Cajuns eat anything they can catch.

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      Might be a gourmet item by default, shortly.

      speaking of which ......Atlantic cod is making a SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWcomeback....
      The trout who swims against the current gets the most oxygen..


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        Both the Yums and the Yuks are from the same part of China that really likes to serve very bold food.
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