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    Ok nothing tops a properly barbequed steak, but, you can't really make a batch of them and freeze them can you (you can't right?).

    So anyway, to initiate this month's food thread, I thought I would ask for ideas regarding "batch foods" ie something you intentionally make a large batch of, knowing 75% is headed for the freezer for those "next times" when you don't actually have to make it.

    Chili rules for me. I make it in a way that has zero hot n spicy element, but still has incredible flavour. I don't do hot n spicy in any food.

    Here's my method

    One can of beans (any form of brown beans, it doesn't matter which, I commonly use maple flavoured).
    One can of actual canned chili and I have been using one of two brands Stag (not the hot version) or Campells Homestyle (allows a hint of spicy, but not enough to bother me)
    About 1 lb lean ground beef
    Green onions (I buy a common bunch and use the whole lot)
    Regular onions (I use one average sized one)
    Half average sized green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper
    Half can of pasta sauce (I try to get something with garlic flavouring)
    Half large can of red kidney beans
    Half large can of diced tomato (again something garlic flavoured if possible)
    5 average sized mushrooms
    4 common pork suvlaki kabobs (don't always have handy though)
    1 can of chunky type beef stew (when I can manage it)
    Handful of chopped celery
    Key word here, is anything that can be diced up onions peppers suvlaki etc, will be finely diced up.
    I try to fry up veggies with portions of the ground beef before it goes into the main pot to cook slowly for at least an hour. Suvlaki is grilled if I have the energy, or done in frying pan otherwise.

    This is a mostly wing it recipe, there is no real firm rule on portions. The more types of meat the better, and I might toss in more cans of beans if I want to inflate to overall end result quantity.
    It generally comes out tasting awesome, and not even remotely spicy, so anyone can enjoy it. Spicy is a simple case of those that needing it, adding something to their own bowl really.
    All the beans give it a nice thickness, and all the types of meat make it very flavourful along with the veggies making it actually rather colourful (and a nice appearance actually never hurts).

    It's not fast to make, as dicing all this stuff isn't something that happens in no time. I usually make this when bored. I commonly make it following a night we had spaghetti and meat sauce, as my wife has no idea how to make a meal for three (there's always enough meat sauce left over for me to make chili).

    I normally totally suck at anything involving cooking, but, I have had a lot of compliments with this creation, and the fact it disappears fast means they ain't just being nice saying it hehe.

    Today's mission, make a massive amount, and then put it in the freezer containers I bought so I can start enjoying my chili whenever, not needing to eat it all so I can have the pot back hehe (we don't seem to have enough bowls around here, or fridge space even if we did).
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