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My ribs are coming out tough!!

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    Originally posted by Nick the Noodle View Post
    I've never had a really decent rib. If it weren't for the millions that said ribs are good, and I like to watch triple DDD, I feel like I'm missing out.
    Nick, you make it down this way I'll buy you and yours some good/great ribs.


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      Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
      Nick, you make it down this way I'll buy you and yours some good/great ribs.
      Be careful. We have friends in Strasbourg and may just pop over. May just take you up on your offer.
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        That's getting close, but I'd suggest going to America's Test KItchen/Cooks Country~ Cooks Illustrated instead.

        Note in your link, that as soon as it hit boil, they turn the heat back to simmer. The key is to avoid overcooking while in the water.

        A back issue I have of Cooks Illustrated from about two years ago has a recipe for "Qucik Weeknight Ribs". It's focused more towards pork, babyback or loin back, but the main focus works for beef as well. What one is after is to break down the collagen to gelatin which better retains mositure, keeping the meat tender. Slow cook over low heat, like on the grill, for hours is one way to get there. The sweat spot temperature wise is about 195-200 degrees F.

        The short cut is to place about two pounds in a dutch oven with about 2 1/2 quarts water and two tablespoons of salt, barely covering the meat, bring to a rapid simmer then turn back the heat to a low simmer, covered with lid. In about 15-25 minutes the meat should temp at 195 degrees. That's the point to transfer to the grill, gas or charcoal, between 5-10 minutes, keep the meat temp at 195-200 and apply glaze sauce only for the last couple of minutes to coat and flavoe, but keep the sugar content from scrotching.

        That's your basic plan, modify per amount, type and taste.
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