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The last thing that you cooked?

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  • The last thing that you cooked?

    So armchair what was the last thing that you cooked? What did you make and was it good? Post pictures as well.

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    Eggs and Rice! I was told it was very good!

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      Chicken thighs topped with medium salsa, baked, Mexican pepper jack cheese on top for the last five minutes. Served with Southwest Ranch pasta salad and a few things that didn't get away in time. Tecate beer to drink.
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        On Sunday we had a roast chicken, so yesterday I created a stock from the bones, and made a risotto with some of the breast meat. Still have plenty of chicken, so tonight it's a curry for my wife, me, and youngest twin, and pizza for my other two boys. It's my eldest's birthday and shop bought pizza is what he asked for .
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          Beef jerky. Cooking's not my thing, but I do like my jerky.
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            I made a bacon & egg sandwich this morning.


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              Chopped onion+garlic gloves in butter.
              Put aside.
              Roast in the pan ,pieces of veal cutted in dices about 5 cm long with butter.
              Add cubes of tomatoes,let them melt.
              Then re-add the onion +garlic,+rosemary+bay leaves+thyme+nutmeg powder+mucho pepper+some salt

              Then add a bottle of apple cider,and water until everything is under the gravy.
              Then cook for 3 hours,slow heat

              Add some flour for thickening the gravy.
              Add some potatoes ,let them cook in the gravy.

              Serve and enjoy like we did yesterday evening with a Rosť wine.
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                Tasty but I would add the tomatoes as a garnish rather than cooking them...

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                  I'm living in a motel room while renovations are being completed at my house, so with that in mind I must ask: what's a cooking?
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                    The Last thing i made was Indian - Chinese dish called Chilli Chicken,

                    it was made popular in India by ethnic Chinese of Calcutta, it is one of the most popular street food in India.


                    not a good cook as most of the time i am chased out of Kitchen any way providing a video link for recipe.



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                      I'd like to taste this one,Vickram,looks good!

                      With my good old Weber (if we frogs own the best food,or supposed to own,when it's BBq time,nothing compares to a Weber ,the ones that say the contrary are liars )

                      So it's duck filet time.
                      Marinated a day long in black pepper ,vinegar and olive oil.
                      Putted on the grill for 3 hours:25 mn roasting then the rest of the time in aluminium foil,and finally in an old enameld pan,gently frying in it's own fat...

                      When you slice it ,it is so cooked that it melt in the mouth.Gorgeous!
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                      That rug really tied the room together


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                        Sounds Yummy , I never tasted Duck as hunting them is banned in India,

                        Once my ailing maternal Grandmother ask me to shoot and bring one duck, i was in big soup as i could not ask my father for gun as hunting was banned ( at that time i was around 13 years old).

                        I asked one of my friend to help me getting one, he asked another guy who asked a bird catcher to bring one.

                        after paying good part of pocket money i took the live bird proudly to my home to show it to my grandmother.

                        only to become laughing stock of whole household as i bought Bagula Indian stork instead. i felt both cheated and humiliated.

                        My father quietly told me to release the poor Bird.



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                          You can't buy Duck in the market place? In the US we hunt them and raise them.

                          Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                          Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                          by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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                            Sweet-n-Sour sauce

                            Rhubbarb is over due for some harvesting and the raspberries are ripe and falling off the vine, so along witha can of pineapple tidbits and a few other ingredients, cooked up a big pot.

                            We canned(preserve) seven pints and kept the eight for use later.

                            Wife canned some vanilla peaches and mango salsa last week.

                            Time of year when the garden starts to kick out it's bounty.
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                              I burnt some chicken fillets this evening when I was seeking proteins for imminent exercise. The burnt bits added a bit more than the usual crunch.
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