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What sort of cost saving meals do you cook?

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    I had poor man's pizza this morning, Cheese Toast! Toast four pieces of bread. Place on a plate and put a slice of cheese on each. Place in microwave and set for one minute! You may need to adjust your time.

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      Its the ultimate cheap meal. Fried, nuked, baked, or just cold.

      Boil Ramen noodles, then fry Spam & the noodles together. Makes an entrée or a nice hero sub.
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        Chicken Potato Casserole.
        If you have leftover chicken, or if the kids want it I get chicken strips like for fajitas, brown them in teriyaki and spices.
        Set aside.
        Fry up 10 lbs of potatoes-this is a family recipe
        Cleaned, peeled, and sliced.
        1 large onion with it. Peeled, sliced and diced. I prefer sweet yellow onions, or Vidalias.
        This is fried up in a large iron skillet.
        In a separate skillet, brown 5-10 slices of bacon. When done crumble. Set aside.

        When potatoes and onions are just about done, add 2-3 cups of sliced mushrooms, or 2 large cans. Then add the cut up chicken. Cook together til potatoes and onions done, add the bacon.

        You can add shredded sharp cheddar cheese, if desired.
        My kids love this. I usually serve green beans, wax beans, and cottage cheese with it.
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          Beef Shin

          Brown the outside in a wok using lard, then place on sliced onions which are already on some tinfoil. Wrap in tin foil and cook for 7-8 hours. Meat is super tasty and tender, but some bits are still inedible. Use these pieces to make a stock.

          Next day put meat and onions in a stew pot with carrots, bell peppers, garlic and celery, plus your stock and any leftover gravy from the day before. Cook for an hour.

          The shin is great when roasted and superb in the stew. Serve with rice.
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