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    I've thought such often myself. Thing is the variety of color and flavor one gets adds a non-commercial appeal. We do cull and save some seeds for the next year and there often is a gamble on extent and quality of season plus perdition of nature.

    Also; gardening provides exercise and exposure to outdoor~'fresh air' such that other benefits accrue.


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      The Easy Trick for Keeping Your Avocados Fresh for 6 Months—Really!

      If the avocado is ripe and you want to store it away to make guac at your party next week—or in six months—start by washing the fruit with the skin still on. Cut it in half, peel the skin off, and wrap the halves separately (without the pit) in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Next, pop it in a resealable plastic bag and throw it in the freezer—just be sure to write the date on the bag so you don’t forget about it! Check out these powerhouse benefits of avocados you never knew about.

      You can also store avocados in the freezer once they’ve been puréed. Squeeze some lime or lemon juice on it and store it in a resealable bag or airtight container for storage.

      There is a little bit of a catch to storing avocados for this long. Once you take them out of the freezer they won’t be as firm as when you first bought them. Therefore, you won’t be able to cut it into slices to snack on or add to your sandwich, but you can still mash it up for guacamole or for a dressing or spread.


      The Best Way to Store and Preserve Avocados

      Whether you're making toast or guac, here's how to keep avocados


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