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  • For this Christmas

    Well, not Christmas to be precise, but for today. My gf is flying to France tomorrow so have to cook tonight. But, what I have planned for todays is following:
    Roasted duck filled with apples and prunes
    Vegetables roasted in duck fat, and honey, as well as green beans.
    Chocolate mousse with raspberry puree.

    Usually eating a way bigger meal, but this year just me and her so something "small" like this should suit us fine.

    What's your menu this year?
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    Tamales from Luna’s Tortillas.
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      So far, it's going to be:
      • Turkey breast w/ stuffing in the slow cooker
      • Cauliflower smash
      • Pie, although not decided on what type yet - Edit: Cherry
      • Locally bottled birch beer (new brand we haven't tried yet)
      • cookies (chef's choice after she gets home)
      • Edit: changed biscuits White Cheddar Cheese bread

      We'll start most of this tomorrow so there will only be minor work left to do on Christmas Day.
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