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World Scientist raise Alarm about beer

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  • World Scientist raise Alarm about beer

    World Scientist raise an Alarm about beer

    It seems there is feminine hormones in beer

    To proove this a group of scientist drink about 20 cans of Beer each

    Here are the result of the experiment

    1) All testers took weight
    2) All of them were chating without sense
    3) All of them were unable to drive correctly
    4) It was impossible for each of them to deliver a simple argue
    5) They were unable to admit they were wrong even when they were evidence
    6) Worth they need to pee every 5 minutes all together

    The comitee admit there were no need to pursue the experiment, there are feminine hormonas in Beer

    Der WanderWineDrinker
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    It is probably not good for the Franco-German axis to be aggravating your beer drinking neighbors.
    Get the US out of NATO, now!


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      I don't know about hormones,but beer seems to give me the impression that i have super powers.Such as the ability to take out telephone poles with a single punch.Sadly though i have woken up the next day realizing that my supposed hand of steel was now a hand in a splint


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