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Rammstein: Sonne Video

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  • Rammstein: Sonne Video

    I had heard the song (It's from 2001) but didn't see the video until recently and was really impressed by it.

    The video is about the band members working as dwarves in a gold mine to supply gold to an abusive Snow White who's addicted to snorting gold powder.

    I love the video. I think it's a great video about our relationship with women in general.

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    Ramstein . One of my wife's favourite bands. But then again she is one of those Europeans from Europe. That's almost near evil Brussels.

    I love this track .

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      My favorite.
      Ha, wie so stolz und hehr
      Wirft über Land und Meer
      Weithin der deutsche Aar
      Flammenden Blick.


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        Without a doubt the best gig I ever went to was Rammstein in Glasgow. Not only was the show insane but they put to bed the lie that the SECC is unsuited for live music. You just need decent sound engineers.


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          Originally posted by Kimi View Post

          My favorite.


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