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    A left wing politician, a TV reporter and an SAS Trooper were captured by ISIS. They were sentenced to death by beheading. The ISIS leader said they could have one last wish each before sentence was carried out. The politician ask to hear a rendering of Keep The Red Flag Flying, The reporter asked that the beheading to be televised so that even when he was dead his face would be on TV, The Trooper asked to be kicked three times up the backside. This was carried out, as the last kick landed the Trooper pulled a hidden 9mm pistol out of his smock, shot three terrorists dead, grabbed a fallen AK47 and killed the rest of the terrorists. The other two were amazed, and asked why he requested to be kicked three times before drawing the gun, Because, said the Trooper, when we get back to the UK I don’t want you pair of Bastards saying it was an unprovoked attack!!

    The long toll of the brave
    Is not lost in darkness
    Over the fruitful earth
    And athwart the seas
    Hath passed the light of noble deeds
    Unquenchable forever.

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    Trying hard to be the Man, that my Dog believes I am!


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      made me smile...…….


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