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A man runs out of gas while driving through rural Iowa...

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  • A man runs out of gas while driving through rural Iowa...

    His cell phone dead, he walks along the highway until he finds a farmhouse. He knocks on the door, and an old farmer offers to fuel up his car after they finish dinner, which he kindly invites him to.
    While enjoying his meatloaf and company of the farmer and his wife, the man looks out the window and sees a one-legged pig wriggling around in the mud like a earthworm.
    "Say if you don't mind me asking," says the traveller, "what's the story behind that pig out there? Looks like he's seen better days."
    The wife puts down her glass of milk, and excitedly responds, "golly, you should have seen what that pig has been through. He's a damn hero! Three years ago, the chicken coop got hit by a tornado. Well this little feller, he runs out into the storm and pulls out every single chicken before it was smashed to pieces."
    Impressed, the traveller responds, "Wow, that's incredible! I take it that's how he lost his legs?"
    "Now just wait til you hear this," says the farmer. "Back in July, our grain silo got hit by lightning, and it damn near went up in flames when our grandson was in there stomping down the grain. As god as my witness, this pig climbed up the ladder and pulled him out before the whole damn thing collapsed."
    Fascinated, the traveller interjects "Golly! So then that must be how he lost his legs, right?"
    "Nope, he came out of that unscathed," says the wife.
    "Well then tell me, what the hell happened to him?!"
    The old farmer casually responds, "well you don't eat a pig like that all at once."

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