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How many Christians ...

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  • How many Christians ...

    ... does it take to change a light bulb?

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    - Groot

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    Muslim: None. Allah will do with the bulb as he wills.

    Buddhist: None - it is wrong to touch the bulb unless invited to do so.

    Rastafarian: Ya mean de light is out, Mon?

    Confucian: Confucious say "Light will come and go, and and Man should learn to accept things as they are".

    Zen: Be the Light.

    Westboro Baptist: Blame it on the gay guy.

    Democrats: "You can't trust a bulb made in a blue state."

    Republicans: "That's what happens when Obama lets the Chinese make our light bulbs."

    Tea Party: "Want to borrow flashlight?"
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      Not quite.

      Presbyterian (Church of Scotland) - everybody stumbles around in increasing darkness, until the Session Clerk walks into a wall, and shows the Church Officer (I've done some crazy jobs in my time) where he can find light-bulbs and a step-ladder, reminding him (it was my first week in a job I did for 5 years) that he can go where he likes, when he likes in performance of his duties.

      There's the other one familiar among Kirk Sessions, "It was good enough for our grandfathers, it's good enough for us."
      Indyref2 - still, "Yes."


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