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    There is a couple that has been married for 25 years. The wife books an appointment because of some issues they have been having. At the session, she divulges some of the weird quirks that her husband has had for 25 years that are driving her nuts.
    First off, he works for 12+ hours a day and even when he is home, he keeps working. Secondly, he blows his nose CONSTANTLY! like a few times every hour. Lastly when they have sex, he will only ever do missionary position. She have tried getting him to do other things in bet but to no avail. She says something has to give because she feels disconnected.
    It is not the husbands turn to talk...he says..."Well I am just doing what my father told me to do all these hard, keep your nose clean, and don't [email protected]@@ up."

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    Not 100% sure if this joke would be appropriate here, but it's one of my most favourite:

    Some aged couple is questioned -
    "you've been together for such a long time, so why you still don't have kids?"
    and they answer -
    "well, you see, we're always at home, never go out..."
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