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    A guy walks into a bar and asks for a beer. The Bartender draws him one and he begins to drink. The Bartender reaches under the bar and pulls out a box that's about a foot tall, opens it up and takes out a little grand piano and a little man about 11 inches tall. The little man proceeds to play the little piano like nothing the guy had ever heard. He asks the Bartender where he got the little piano playing man. The Bartender says, "I have a magic lamp and if you rub it the Genie inside will grant you a wish". The guy says, " I don't believe it", at which point the Bartender produces the lamp and hands it over. The guy thinks what the hell and gives it a rub. Out flies the Genie and says, " You have one wish, what will it be"? The guy wishes for a million bucks and the Genie says, "Your wish is granted", and goes back into the lamp. The guy looks around and nothing has changed, no million bucks. At that time another guy bursts into the bar and says,"you guys come look, there must be a million ducks in the parking lot". The guy looks at the Bartender and says,"Do you think that Genie has his wires crossed"? I wished for a million bucks. The Bartender says," I don't know, do you think I wished for an 11 inch pianist"?

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