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  • Online Paintmatching!

    From a newsletter I get:

    Okay, if you're into modeling (the plastic kind) or miniatures this is a pretty cool little application. Reaper, that great miniature company out of Texas, recently put on their site an online color matching tool. All you do is either submit a link to an image or upload an image to their server and then start clicking away at the picture. The application will then spit out the closest Reaper paint color to the area in which you're pointing.
    Over here at Frag! we tried it with some Luftwaffe camouflage schemes and it seemed to do a decent enough job. Obviously there are a couple of limitations. First and foremost since it's from Reaper they will only show you Reaper paint matches. They have a wide enough selection but if you're into modeling you may be more used to other lines of paint such as Model Master, in which case you'll have to find an analogous paint. The other limitation is that while it's good it's not perfect. As the FAQ explains that due to how computers create colors there will be times when the color the tool tells you is just plain wrong.
    Still, while not perfect it is generally helpful and much easier to work with than the usual method of picking out a color that's "close enough for government work."

    Visit the site at:


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    That is indeed a clever tool. Also a selling gimic for them

    I liked there whimisical secondary reply to why they are not supporting other company's paints

    "this is our toy neener neener"
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      Yup Kurt has it there are actually two of them I will see if I can't
      find that other one. It lets you input a color and will give you
      different brands that you can use to mix them together to achieve
      the desired color.


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        Here is one of those cross reference charts i was talking about and I still know of another and am looking still...


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          This was the one I was after.


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