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    I have been a serious, long time collector of American WWI and Spanish-American War memorabilia, especially those items connected to or dealing with the state of Georgia. I would like to see if any one out there also collects similar things and hopefully start up a conversation. I have also recently started to acquire items dealing with the Great White Fleet’s (1907-1909) cruise around the world; especially those collectibles connected to…you, guessed it- the USS Georgia.

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    WWI Collecting

    I may be interested in doing a little bit of that myself. My GGF fought in the war and was wounded at Soissons on July 19th, 1919. He did leave us some of his memorabilia, so it would be interesting to try to add to it. What sort of things do you look for?


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      I collect WWI American Engineer items and anything connected to the state of Georgia from during the war. Over the last few years or so prices of these items cas gone up considerably, so if you plan to start buying you need to do it now. A good source is the Advance Guard Militaria (check website), they have a very good selection and most items are IDed, but you will pay alot for that. Also beware of what you might purchase, there are new repros of uniforms, backpacks, pouches, belts, patches, ammo stuff floating around out there


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