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Cover Canteen Collapsible A.L.I.C.E., please help identify

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  • Cover Canteen Collapsible A.L.I.C.E., please help identify

    Hello -I've recently bought (Ebay) a good set including 1967 Iodine Tablets, 1968 Hedwin Bladder, 1958 GP Strap, all included alongside a clearly post-'71 ALICE 2QT cover, which quite interested me for having the standard plastic fastener replaced by a couple of durable dots, also post-Vietnam metal ones, apparently punched in the holes left from the fastener. I thought it could have been some custom modification by individuals from SEAL or USSF (or even Air Force?) rather than some early prototype of which I'd never knew anything about.
    It's quite clear to me to be a custom mod, for the lower strap in which the males are embedded being stiched with a different colored thread, a brighter pea-green than the rest of the original stitchings; moreover, although regularly carrying on the back, below the ALICE clips, the standard printed label (unreadable; it can be only made up clearly the ending: "W/ Sling"), it doesn't shows the US stamping on the flap, not the slightest hint nor trace of it.
    I tend to exclude it being some kind of civilian copy, 'cause I've never seen a so unmistakably "GI" copy or civilian version, though I could be wrong, of course. Another odd feature is a stamping, on the lower front, reading an un-identifiable (to me) serial number: DRM0W81W29, in a shape that doesn't seem to be military-related, but again I could be wrong.
    May anybody suggest something about this rare bird? -Thank You in advance!
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