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WW II German Sholder Holster

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  • WW II German Sholder Holster

    I have a german leather shoulder holster for a P-38 pistol with the following notations on the back:
    Obl K. Vosig
    II Pn (0r Pz) 4 A
    I have attached a picture of the back where this writing is.
    Any Information anyone may offer would be appreciated.
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    One assumes it's the property of Oberleutnant K. Vosig.


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      From what I understand, shoulder holster were very uncommon for the German forces in WWII. (They have been more common post WWII) What convinces you that is WWII issue? Is there something on the front side? The P38 has remained the standard sidearm for the Bundeswehr up until today so the holster may not be that old.

      Is there some marking or a mfg date stamped some where on the holster or rigging to convince you it is WWII issue?
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        Post a picture of the front.

        Some pilots worn shoulder holsters.... but they usually have a Waffenamt with a factory code.
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          Holster came with a byf 1943 dated P-38. Obtained it in the late 50's early 60's. No other markings visible. I will post a picture of front showing complete holster details later this week.


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            Seems like the Germans did better work then shown in your picture unless it was made by slave labor late in the war. The stitching is all over the place. Even the reproductions are quality built.

            Edit; I should have placed ID tags with the photos when I shot the photos for appraisal purposes years ago. That way, I could have ID the pistol and holster displayed here complete with serial number.

            Original Holster and gun.

            Reproduction Holster.
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              Follow the link. Does that match the front of your holster?


              or this one for that matter. looks like there was no standard for them.
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