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    Will there be a republishing of this game?

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    Mark posted this over at the LnLP forums in reponse to Peter saying that there was a lot of pans in the fire so to speak...:

    "Guys, Peter is right... we have a lot in the hopper. I could write a a 2,000 word article on this, but it would just bore everyone. Suffice to say that we have a lot in the hopper, including two major gaming/fiction franchises which we are currently negotiating rights on.

    I wish it was as easy as sending Forgotten Heroes back to the printer, but it isn't. The graphics need an update before it can be republished, and we need to make a decision on what to include (such as ANZAC, Korean forces, etc), we also have a proposal in the air for a HUE Module similar to Day of Heroes. So, it isn't an easy thing. But it will happen. FH is also my favorite module.

    In the interim we are studying releasing the original game (with unchanged art) as a downloadable game, while we work on the revision. That way, people who want it can have it now --at a greatly reduced price-- rather than paying 75 bucks on eBay."


    Here is the direct link to the above:


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      thanks for the reply. I await the release paitently.


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