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My LEGO tribute to Douglas Adams.

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  • My LEGO tribute to Douglas Adams.

    I've entered this LEGO Vignette in a contest where we're recreating scenes from Douglas Adams' books as a tribute to the great man. As a reminder, a LEGO Vignette is a small scene 8 studs square.

    This is the scene from Chapter 7 of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe where Marvin encounters a Frogstar Scout Robot Class D which has been sent to capture Zaphod Beeblebrox. They meet on a skybridge between two buildings suspended 15 stories above ground and Marvin tricks and annoys the robot into taking out the walls, ceiling and eventually the floor of the bridge, causing it to plummet to the ground to its destruction. It's by far my favourite scene from any of the books. The first time I read it I was on a bus and I totally lost it - to the bemusement of all the other passengers. The Vignette shows the moment the machine takes out the floor on which it is sat.

    Here's an uncluttered view:

    And another:

    Here's the Robot. The Robot is described in the book as a towering black tank - but on the basis that it's from the Frogstar, I tried to make it look a little froglike as well as menacing - and stupid (even though Frogstar is just a stupid name and has nothing to do with frogs at all). I've given it a mouth and eyes as it engages Marvin in conversation.

    Here's a side view of the Tank. I decided to give it some chrome exhausts as it's a very vain Tank, proud of its weapons and capabilities and I figured it would want a bit of "bling".

    Here's Marvin. In the first book Marvin has very little description and in the scene in question is merely stated as being "silver". I had a really hard time putting together all my chrome pieces in anything resembling a robot and I wanted to stay away from the film and TV depictions and go for my own - so my Marvin is made of a bunch of Technic pieces and a chrome "head" on top. I think it works quite well.

    Here's the scenery - just an 8x8 square essentially cracked in half. It's supported on transparent bricks and a trans' plate as I wanted to convey the sense that this platform is suspended in mid air. The trans plate is NOT a part of the Vig' - the Vig' itself is still 8x8 studs. The windows and ceiling have of course long been disintegrated at this stage. The falling half is attached with a hinge piece. The trans' studs you see on top are the support for the Tank to click onto, thus making the entire creation one whole piece when fully assembled.

    For those of you who own the original radio series, you can hear this scene in the first episode of the second series, or read it online here.

    Dr. S.
    Imagine a ball of iron, the size of the sun. And once a year a tiny sparrow brushes its surface with the tip of its wing. And when that ball of iron, the size of the sun, is worn away to nothing, your punishment will barely have begun.

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