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    I've been reading this site for a month or so.

    Its hard to tell what ordinary Iranians think since their media is state controlled media.

    I sent her an email asking what she thinks of
    and also Arab media coverage.

    Here was her reply:


    Thank you very much for your mail, actually about Arab media, at least here I don't think that people take it very seriously...& about IRNA I should say that you can not trust it at all as no one here does...just like wrong news of TV...

    Anyways, thanks for caring...With the best wishes
    Iraniangirl "
    "Speaking here in my capacity as a polished, sophisticated European as well, it seems to me the laugh here is on the polished, sophisticated Europeans. They think Americans are fat, vulgar, greedy, stupid, ambitious and ignorant and so on. And they've taken as their own Michael Moore, as their representative American, someone who actually embodies all of those qualities." - Christopher Hitchens

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