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Is Saddam alive or dead?

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  • Is Saddam alive or dead?

    My feeling is that he died the first night. He has "appeared" on TV several times, but nothing he said conclusively puts him in the realm of the living. I think this is elaborate propaganda to keep the mythos of Saddam alive to keep his forces fighting and dieing for him. Unfortunately his people are so stupid they accept stock footage of his meetings with his ministers as proof he is still alive.

    Interesting points:

    *His reply directly after the bombing was vague and could have been recorded the previous days.

    *Pictures of him with his cabinet show them all sitting around laughing -- maybe he forgot the war was going on?

    *Second speech was very vague and while he mentioned Um Qasr it doesn't take a general to figure out that would have been a point of resistance. Another pre-recording.

    *Another meeting with ministers is recorded in black and white. Black and white? Did they run out of color film all the sudden? Seems like propaganda.

    I know the US is trying to steer away from putting the whole war on the life/death of Saddam, but clearly proving he was dead would hurt the morale of these suicide/militia units. Seems odd we aren't pressing the issue more.

    Is he alive or dead?
    Alive (even if injured)
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    at the minimum he is badly wounded and in no condition to appear on T.V.
    anyways we are going to have a hard time finding him if he is dead as i am sure he will be burned and hidden in the hopes of never being found and thereby haunting bush he really dead? this is what i believe happened to UBL also. dead and body never to be found. recall that it is what hitler had done...body was just luck that the russkies found his charred remains. otherwise the national enquirer would have had much more fun with hitler sighting articles than they actually did.
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      Alive - if not in Iraq.
      Now listening too;
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        Hello everybody,

        I think Saddam is more likely to be dead than alive. If he were alive, then he would appear on TV due to his huge ego problem, and he would love to rub it in his opponents' faces when they see him talking and breathing well.

        Of course, he could have been injured badly in the decapitation attacks.

        Or the one could agrue really if Saddam was that paranoid, he wouldn't trust anybody and wouldn't want to appear on TV for the fear of being tracked by various Western intelligence agencies.

        Besides, if Saddam had doubles, then may I ask this question:

        Why didn't the real Saddam or anybody who's in the control ask the doubles to speak on TV about various information in real-time so that we might think it's the real deal instead of second-guessing?

        Is it possible the decapitation attacks were not just aimed at Saddam, but all of his doubles just to be on safe side? If I were the US, I would do that, I could care less about doubles, I would rather kill all of them just to be on safe side, a safe investment to be sure.

        Maybe that's why we're not seeing the doubles talking about the information in real-time giving specifics and things like that.

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          You nearly got him! However I think the 'Bomb Plot' probably killed or injured some of his inner circle. He looked badly rattled to say the least in the recording released straight after that. As for Saddam smiling that's stock in trade for him. 'Just keep on smiling' cause that's bound to get up their noses is his way of looking at it.
          I think if he were dead the news would have spread by now. There is no way that could be kept under wraps for more than 48/72 hours max.
          He is probably holed up six floors under Joe Bloggs house 'somewhere in Baghdad' right now. Tomorrow someone else can have the pleasure of putting him up for the night. He probably goes around on the back of someones motor bike. I could have sworn I saw him driving a donkey and cart down al-Rashid street the other day. Get the picture...


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            Has anyone one else read the story that CIA "Paramilitary"and Special Operations hit teams are in Baghdad hunting him down and top members of the Baath party and Iraqi military?


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              Yeah, I read about that John Paul. It's not surprising.

              If Saddam is dead, his regime, at least publically, appear to be still carrying out his intent. CENTCOM certainly have reason to question whether or not Saddam is alive or dead. That's one reason why they are allowing the Iraqi government to continue broadcasting.

              Franks and the Bush Administration constantly are saying "Saddam is not in control of his country." That's nothing new. There have been consistent challenges to his power. He doesn't have to be in physical control to actually rule Iraq. Saddam's regime operates on fear. It's a power that is projected through a number of techniques. To my knowledge, Saddam rarely travels outside the city, except to his strongholds. That's one reason why we suspected those palaces. He was never seen at them.

              Killing Saddam is not necessary. Our hit squads and air strikes will keep Saddam and his henchmen running. On the 21st, the information minister narrowly escaped that intense 7min attack. Their vehicles were pulling away when the buildings nearby exploded. Had those missiles arrived 10-15 mins earlier, alot of Information minister, and several other henchmen might be on ice. I bet you they don't stay anywhere long.

              Saddam is an assassin. He knows how to survive. However, he's just a year younger than my grandmother. He's got to be slipping up! Like Bin Laden he has no rest. We'll get him if we haven't already.

              I believe Saddam is still in Iraq, probably in Baghdad or Tirkit. As is constantly pointed, he studied Hitler and Stalingrad. Both men decided to remain in their capitals. Hitler didn't take himself out until the Russians were litterly a few hours from capturing him. Besides, Saddam wants to be seen as a hero. Heroes don't run. They make a stand. Dying is only a certification of nobility. He want's to go with a bang, that's fine with me. We have plenty of missiles and bombs left. All he has to decide is how he wants it. 2,000lbs, 4,700lbs, 21,000lbs? Missile, precision bombs? We have it all. We also have our hit squads who can deliver dead with as little or as much damage as he wants?

              Saddam's likely COA is to hold out as long as possible, then negotiate his escape.
              "As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy."-Christopher Dawson - The Judgement of Nations, 1942


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                The Iraqi Ambassador to the UN was on "Meet the Press" this morning. The first question asked was whether Saddam was alive. The Ambassador paused, seeming taken aback by the question, and answered "I think so."

                Didn't seem very convicing so I voted "no." At this point it doesn't matter. I've seen enough to believe the entire Ba'ath Party needs to be excised.


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                  I believe he is still alive, but he is groggy and too paranoid to appear on TV. As far as I know, the Saddam we saw that first night was apparently him, tired, without makeup with a puffy face revealing the state of grogginess and incoherence he was after the first attacks.

                  However, even if he is dead, we won't know it for sure until the war is completely over. The Iraqi authorities would hide it and made sure to continue to pretend he is alive. Because if people really start to think that Saddam is dead, his whole power and regime crumbles. Fear would be lifted, and some would-be generals would be plotting a coup.


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                    Heres a question,though pretty unlikely..okay nearly impossible.What if he's captured,what then?Hand him over to the Hauge,to the Iraqi people,or just have the US military have a fair trial..then shoot him ?


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                      I think he may be alive. One of the reasons he may not have appeared on TV live or even with a new, definitive taping is because that exposes him to a whole slew of people - one of whom may be a mole. Afterall, the if the US launched a spread of cruise missiles at a building I was in and I already have security precautions that can be described as "paranoid", I'd have to assume there's a traitor in the ranks. Contact with more people just makes it more likely that whomever the traitor(s) are will get a fix on my location.
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                        I would prefer to see Saddam die in a massive explosion. If he's shot, the International community will believe we executed him on sight.

                        Saddam Hussein's regime violated many laws granted to the people under their Constitution. As the leader of Iraq, he took an oath to uphold those rules. He's done nothing, but pervert them. He must answer to the Iraqi people for his violations.

                        Yet, I'm not sure he could get a fair trial in Iraq. In addition, the trial and verdict would cause serious security problems for the occupation force. The more appropriate thing to do is hold the trial in a neutral location with a prosecution team representing the people of Iraq. If convicted, he can serve his sentence according to whatever agreement. I'm certain alot of Iraqi people will want death. However, I'm not sure that's a great ideal. It'll be better to put him in prison for the rest of his life where his demise can torture serve as a mental torture technique.
                        "As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy."-Christopher Dawson - The Judgement of Nations, 1942


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                          Here's a bit of a pickle:

                          Since Saddam apparently has used many 'doubles' over the years, if US forces capture one of these doubles, how do we know who the real Saddam is? It would be somewhat amusing if more one than unit claimed to have captured 'Saddam' at the same time!

                          "We've captured Saddam!"....."No you didn't, WE'VE captured saddam!".....


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                            I think he's is alive.

                            Over the years, Saddam has proven to be a master manipulator. He knows he's at the center of the Coalition bullseye. Why expose himself ?
                            Better to let the Coalition expend resources trying to find the answer.
                            Scientists have announced they've discovered a cure for apathy. However no one has shown the slightest bit of interest !!


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                              Originally posted by Martin Schenkel
                              Here's a bit of a pickle:

                              Since Saddam apparently has used many 'doubles' over the years, if US forces capture one of these doubles, how do we know who the real Saddam is? It would be somewhat amusing if more one than unit claimed to have captured 'Saddam' at the same time!

                              "We've captured Saddam!"....."No you didn't, WE'VE captured saddam!".....
                              It will be especially difficult because from what I heard we don't have a DNA sample on him or any of his blood relatives.


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