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A new kind of scud

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  • A new kind of scud

    Breaking News--Kuwait. Iraq has launched a new type of Scud missile at the Allied Forces deployed in Kuwait. Details are sketchy at this time, but it appears to be a new and improved Scud type missile. The CIA is investigating just how and from who Saddam has acquired this new technology.

    "Lord... forgive me my actions, speech and thoughts. Because, Lord, I am seriously going to kick some unrighteous ass in Your Name, Amen."
    Princess of Wands by John Ringo (Jan 2006)

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    That is funny.


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      Paris, France

      President Jacques Chirac announced today that France would be deploying two elite units of French troops to Iraq in the event of war. Five hundred crack troops from the 42nd Groupement d' Instruction en Abandonment (42nd Surrender Instruction Group) are mobilizing to assist the Iraqi Army in the
      finer points of military surrender.

      "The immediate capitulation of an armed force is a delicate and intricate tactic in which we French have much experience." said Defense Ministry spokesperson General de Armee Francois-Phillippe Hommes de Petit-Pommes.

      "There is a certain protocol in laying down your arms or fleeing the battlefield. To wave the white flag while remaining pompous and insufferable requires experience and training.

      "The French Army believes it is second to none in the fine art of surrendering quickly. The record of our armed forces in that area speaks for itself. The Iraqi performance in giving up without a fight during the last
      Gulf War was slip-shod. We hope to improve their level of surrender execution for the next war."

      General Hommes de Petit-Pommes further announced that 1,000 advisors from
      the Regiment de Collaborateurs Francais will also be dispatched to Iraq to assist the Iraqi people in colloborating effectively with any occupation force.


      Yesterday President Bush outlined his plans for the rebuilding of Iraq. The country will be split into three economic areas; Leaded, Unleaded and Diesel

      I posted this on the joke thread, but think that it is more appropriate here
      "Teamwork is essential - it gives the Enemy someone else to shoot at"


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        Or the Iraqis don’t speak French, or monsieur De Petite-Pomme is lost somewhere in the desert between Basra and Idontknowherebala…

        La Palice.
        Monsieur de La Palice est mort
        Mort devant Pavie.
        Un quart d'heure avant sa mort
        Il était encore en vie...


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