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NK over the brink?

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  • NK over the brink?

    The Pentagon has sent orders for 12 B-1 bombers and 12 B-52s to deploy to Guam. In it's press release, this is a partial transcript of what the spokesman said:

    " As part of our global efforts to address worlwide requirements, we are deploying additional forces to the Western Pacific as US forces are preparing for possible military action elsewhere in the world ".

    North Korea has threatened war if additional US forces are deployed in a manner with which NK would feel itself to be threatened. I personally think that was just posturing, but with the situation deteriorating as it is for NK, will Kim-Il Jong dare to look into the abyss ?
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    The bombers is a "show-of-force demonstration" by the United States. Kim has been acting a clear fool. The bombers are signaling NK our lack of action is not because we are dealing with Iraq. It's a dangerous game of chicken. We need to show North Korea its isolated, with no support externally. Russia and China might not agree with the US on Iraq, but they are working very closely on North Korea.

    If war comes, I wonder if China would allow America to cross the Demilitarized Zone to depose Kim and the communist regime.
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      Highly unlikely that China would allow all of NK to be overrun. they would intervene too to stop that. But I think China and the US would do this in tandem formally or informally. Neither side wants a war with the other thanks to Kim's antics.


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