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    Hey all,
    I have no idea where to find this info on the forums, or even if it is here.
    While not a complete noob I am only recently coming to appreciate tactics.
    What I am looking for is an explanation of the battlefield icons found on the battle maps in "Armchair General" and "World War II" as well as other military books.

    I appreciate all help

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    Military symbols change over time. The ones for Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery should stay about the same.

    The symbol of the unit has pretty well stayed the same:
    Squad/Section- two dots above the symbol
    Platoon/Troop- three dots above the symbol
    Company/Troop/Squadron- (l) above the symbol
    Battalion/Squadron/Regiment- (ll) above the symbol
    Regiment (US)- lll
    Brigade- X
    Division- XX
    Corps- XXX
    Army- XXXX
    Army Group- XXXXX

    The first symbol I gave is usually for American units, the last is for British. The British have their own system, which confuses Americans. Air Forces also have their own systems. Many American magazines get the British system confused and apply American marks for what are actually smaller British Units. For instance, An American Infantry Division normally have three Infantry Regiments (lll), while a typical British Infantry Divisions will have nine "Infantry Regiments". They both have the same number of Infantry Battalions (9).

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      This page covers what you are asking for.


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        Here is a link for a Australian Battalion in 1965

        Here is a link for a British Battalion from 1943 to 1945

        Here is a link for US Battalion organisation for you hope it helps


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          Hey thanks so much everyone.


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